Global Lab Course

Spring 2020 History
HI120E  Spotlight on History: World Revolutions   
Four credit hours.  Parker, L.

World revolutions in the 20th century transmitted the energy of ideological fervor, violent iconoclasm and radical justice beyond the bounds of Europe. The great socialist revolutions in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America can be viewed as the diffusion through ideological and artistic forms of a utopian tradition that sought to change the world by reinterpreting it. Revolutionary activism was made accessible to the masses as visual art, political pamphlet, literary narrative, film and slogan. This process-oriented, archive and object-centered course foregrounds research with these primary sources, enabling student engagement with methodological questions of how we understand, historicize, and curate revolution as a global phenomenon.

Global Innovation Course

Spring 2020 Religious Studies
RE346  Jews of Germany, Past and Present   
Four credit hours.  Freidenreich

Examines Jewish life in Germany from the Middle Ages to the present, with particular attention to modernity, the Holocaust, and its aftermath. Explores the impact of German culture on Jewishness and the roles of Jews in conceptions of Germanness. Students will engage in traditional and experiential learning and will develop independent research, writing, and oral communications skills. Includes an optional spring break trip to Germany subsidized by DavisConnects.

Spring 2020 Religious Studies
RE144  Introduction to the New Testament   

Four credit hours.  Emanuel

The purpose of this class is to introduce students to the field of New Testament and Christian Origins. Students will learn about the construction of New Testament texts, early Jesus followers, and the origins of Christianity through a survey of New Testament writings and other Jewish/Christian/Jesus-centered documents. No prior knowledge is required. Note: This course is supported by Davis Connects. Students registered for this course have the opportunity to travel to Israel for an archaeological dig in summer 2019.