Global Studies


We are increasingly bound together with people living in diverse geographies, cultures, economies, and political systems. Global studies majors focus on these multifaceted interconnections that shape our world and examine the ways people are linked across the globe through international markets, state and non-governmental institutions, cultural practices, and shared histories.

Students in the program work closely with global studies professors as well as faculty members from other departments to examine transnational issues through several different comparative lenses. The major crosses four disciplines—government, history, economics, and anthropology—and includes extensive language study. With a diverse array of courses to choose from, global studies is highly flexible, allowing students to tailor the program to match their interests. Students dissect varied global issues while focusing on one geographic area and probing global themes including international relations, economic policy, development, and human rights.

Students deepen cultural knowledge and test classroom learning by studying abroad for one or two semesters during their junior year. Working with professors and a representative from the Off-Campus Study Office, students are able to choose from more than 200 study-abroad programs.