Colby’s Global Studies major offers a multidisciplinary approach to complex global issues.

We believe that understanding the changing face of the European community, instability in Mexico, or the dramatic changes in China and Russia demand an appreciation of anthropology, politics, history, and economics. The major requires that you gain expertise in more than one geographic area, and deepen your understanding of how international policy is made. Courses on the environment, international institutions, trade, and finance prepare you to analyze the world around you. Competency in a foreign language is required, not only because language skills are your global passport, but because the study of language deepens your cultural understanding.

Our Global Studies advisory board is composed of faculty from history, government, anthropology, economics, sociology, and the languages. Advanced students often have the opportunity to work with faculty on their research projects, studying issues such as ecological change in Africa, the military in Latin America, or economic sanctions in foreign policy. Students have a voice in the program through class-year student representatives, and students and faculty often come together for a meal or a lecture on international affairs.Global studies majors pursue careers in public policy, government, economics, public service, diplomacy, and international business, as well as academic careers with an international focus. You will find Colby graduates in the Peace Corps, the State Department, policy institutes, international banking, commerce and the academy.

  • Chair of the Global Studies Department, Patrice Franko, can be reached at [email protected]
  • Faculty and Staff page to look through faculty that are a part of the Global Studies department for those with similar interests as you