What if my advisor has gone away for the year or the semester?

  • The automatic default by the registrar is to assign you to the director.  Because of this, the advisor often has in excess of 60 advisees.  If you would like individual attention, it is a good idea in the spring semester to ask your advisor if they are on leave in the following year.  Your advisor may help you identify someone who would be a likely follow-up advisor.

How do I change my advisor?

  • The goal in Global Studies is to match you with an advisor with a similar field or area interest.  This only works if you take initiative.  If your interests have changed, if your advisor has left, or if you have developed a closer relationship with a faculty member through a class, please send by email a request to the director of the program to change your advisor.  Indicate who you would like as your new advisor and why.  Provide alternatives if possible.  The director will contact the person on your behalf and report back to you if the person is able to take you on.  Sometimes a faculty member already has too many advisees and you may have to go to a second choice.  We will work to find a good match – but it is still up to you to build the relationship.
  • Have you ever thought of taking your advisor to lunch when you have a long list of questions? It is free – sign it to the Dean of Student’s office on a dining hall slip.  Faculty like to eat!

I changed my advisor temporarily while the faculty member was on leave but my schedule still shows the temporary person.  What do I do?

  • There is no automatic reverse on the registrar’s advising list.  The Registrar’s office is patient enough with us in selecting your own advisor as most departments rely on the simpler but less satisfying A-M and N-Z distribution.    Send an email to the director as in the FAQ above on changing your advisor and we will work to get you back with your original choice.

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