What counts into my global studies major GPA?

  • All courses that are requirements for the major, plus any additional courses you might take above the basic requirements counts toward your major GPA.  That is, you can’t select which ones you want to count in calculating your final GPA in your senior year.

What if I have a double major such as French — does the additional literature course I take for my French major also count into my global studies GPA?

  • Yes.  It would be unfair to pick and choose, so they all count.

What GPA in the major is needed for Distinction at Graduation?

  • 3.5

What GPA in the major is necessary to be eligible to apply to write an honors thesis?

  • 3.5

What GPA in the major is necessary to graduate at all?

  • 2.0

What GPA is necessary for study abroad?

  • 2.7;  one may normally petition with a 2.5, but there is no guarantee of approval.

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