The academic program in Global Studies consists of a core of five required courses, Intro to Cultural Anthropology, Intro to International Relations, Patterns and Processes in World History, Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics.

Global Studies majors are also required to attain basic fluency in a language.  This is most often proxied through completion of two courses beyond the all college requirement. Those certifying in a language not taught at Colby should consult the director.

The electives fit into two categories: themes and cultures/places. Students are required to take three electives in each category, with no more than two electives per category in one discipline. Global Studies majors (who are not double majoring with a relevant discipline) are also required to choose a concentration, either in a specific theme or a culture/place. A student may declare more than one concentration.

Global Studies majors are required to study abroad. Those with culture/place concentrations must study in the area of focus. The major concludes with a senior seminar or capstone experience, again relating where appropriate to the chosen concentration.