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Study abroad is central to the GS major.  Students should consult with their adviser and program OCS liaison about the off-campus program(s) that can best meet the students academic goals, and the best semester to study abroad. The program has no preferred semester for off-campus study.

All classes to be credited toward the major must be pre-or post approved by the associate director of the GS program.  Please send Professor Lindsay Mayka ([email protected]) a complete description of the course or courses you would like to have applied to your GS major, noting what you would like to have the course count toward (cultures/places, themes, which concentration if applicable).  If the course description is in another language, please provide a translation.  All courses must be for at least 3 credits.

Questions?  Professor Mayka ([email protected]) is also The Off Campus Liaison for Global Studies.

Where can I study abroad?

  • We work with you to identify the study abroad option that most closely matches your goals.  Your study abroad location should fit your objectives.  If you are interested in international relations you might find yourself in Geneva or in Jordan.  For example, student of international economy policy might study in Scotland or Mexico.  A development concentrator might choose to go to Senegal or Chile.  Someone pursing human rights & social justice might focus on South Africa or Argentina.  The key is to define your interests in consultation with your adviser and work with the study abroad office to find a program that fits.

What if I don’t have a 2.7 GPA for study abroad?

  • Off-Campus Study (OSC) at Colby states that you must have a 2.7 GPA to study abroad.
  • If you are below the 2.7 but above the 2.5 you may petition the OSC Advisory Committee to waive the 2.7 requirement.  However, it is not automatic that you will be allowed to go; if your petition fails, you will be required to drop the Global Studies Major unless:
    • you completed a first year freshman program abroad or
    • you take an approved, 9 credit summer program.

How do I get my study abroad classes preapproved?

  • You will find the pre-approval form on the web page.  You must submit these forms in paper copy with printed course descriptions appended.  The director will review the forms and let you know the outcome.  Please remember to put your email address and your campus phone number on the form to make it easier to contact you.  Please DO NOT email these forms to the director – we need signed, paper copies in your file.  You DO NOT need to make an appointment to get your forms pre-approved.  Drop them off outside the director’s door.  Give the director AT LEAST a week to turn the forms around.  If you haven’t heard back in two weeks, please send a gentle reminder that you had dropped the forms off and you were hoping to hear whether the courses were approved.

What if I didn’t pre-approve my study abroad classes or if the class I approved changed?

  • You may post-approve classes, but you have assumed the risk if the class is not approved to count for either policy or area for the major.  You will find the post-approval form on teh web.  You must supply a full course description, a syllabus (which often contains a description) and any material you believe will substantiate your case to the Director of the GS Program (not your advisor).  Please leave this in hard copy outside the director’s door.


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