Patrice Franko

Diamond 374

Patrice Franko, the Goldfarb Center’s Director and the Grossman Professor of Economics and Global Studies, is an expert on Latin American economics and security, Brazil, the economics of globalization, and corporate social responsibility. She has written four books, numerous articles and papers, and four editions of her textbook, The Puzzle of Economic Development in Latin America. She also has robust public speaking experience and was awarded a Fulbright grant in 2012 to pursue research interests in Brazil. Over the years, Professor Franko has taken on many roles at Colby. She was a founding member of the Latin American Studies Program and the Goldfarb Center, and has chaired the Economics Department, the Oak Human Rights Institute, and the Colby Global Studies major.

Adam Howard

Associate Director
Professor of Education
Director, Education Program

Adam Howard is an expert in social class issues in education, schooling and affluent youth, and curriculum theory. He has published numerous articles and papers on social class issues in education. In 2014, Professor Howard began working on a global ethnography on the self-understanding of students attending elite secondary schools. He often collaborates with student researchers in his studies. For example, his last book, Negotiating Privilege and Identity in Educational Contexts, included 23 student co-authors. We’re excited to draw on his experience to help develop our Student Engagement board and create active programming for the Goldfarb Center.

Tim Dobyns

Assistant Director of Communications
Diamond 105

Tim Dobyns, the Goldfarb Center’s Assistant Director of Communications, is responsible for the Center’s internal and public-facing marketing and communications, including event promotion and campus outreach, the launch and awareness growth of Between Truth and Error, and coverage of the Center’s Washington D.C. JanPlan internship. He holds an MBA from the University of Oregon and has spent the last 5 years working in the sports marketing industry.

Emma Hunter

Assistant Director of Operations
Diamond 109

Emma Hunter serves as the Assistant Director of Operations for the Goldfarb Center. Her primary responsibilities include planning and coordinating Goldfarb Center events and overseeing the Goldfarb Student Engagement Committee. Emma holds a Master of Science in Health Education, is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), and has over five years of radio broadcasting experience.

Kimberly Bard

Administrative Secretary
Diamond 246

Kim joined the Goldfarb Center in Fall 2015 as the administrative secretary, providing support for all aspects of the center’s programming.  In addition, Kim supports the Government and Anthropology departments, the Latin American Studies Program, and the Social Sciences Division.