“I cannot surrender my principles, though the whole world besides should vote them down — I can make no compromise between truth and error, even though my life be the alternative.”
— Elijah Parish Lovejoy ‘1826

Between Truth & Error

Welcome to the Between Truth & Error, a digital forum for the Colby community to share timely observations, ideas and insight on matters of public importance.

Our name is inspired by Elijah Parish Lovejoy, a native Mainer and Colby graduate who was America’s first martyr to the freedom of the press. We honor his sacrifice each year with the Lovejoy Convocation, which honors excellence in journalism and contributions to public discourse.



In the Lovejoy tradition, Between Truth & Error will engage our community to share their knowledge to enlighten others.

Each week, members of our faculty, staff, students or alumni from diverse backgrounds and disciplines will answer a query from the editors of BT&E about matters affecting our state, nation or world.

We’ll also share the leading scholarship, recommended reading and the best journalism about the week’s topic—and more.

And we want to hear from you. What topics should we cover? Who should we ask to contribute? How do we keep the conversation going? Lovejoy’s sacrifice shows where the lack of reasoned discourse about important matters can lead.

His wisdom shows us where we should look for it—Between Truth and Error.

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