Due to the COVID-19 virus, this event has been canceled for the 2019-2020 year.

The Goldfarb Freedom of Expression Symposium (GFES) for 2019-2020 will tackle questions of racial wealth inequality. 

Growing gaps between income earners undermine the legitimacy of democratic systems and the credibility of liberal capitalism.  Technological change is likely to deepen the divide, accentuating barriers to mobility.

“The median Black family, with just over $3,500, owns just 2 percent of the wealth of the nearly $147,000 the median White family owns. The median Latino family, with just over $6,500, owns just 4 percent of the wealth of the median White family.”

To find more information on racial wealth inequality, follow this link.

The many Democratic Party presidential hopefuls offer sound bites that hint at distributive changes in our system; Republicans are focusing on income-generating effects of growth. Both Senator Warren and President Trump have quarrels with Google and Amazon that point to concentration in markets and equality of access.  Others advocate universal basic income, progressive tax reform or baby bonds to open access to quality education.  What will Colby students propose?