2015 Lovejoy Panel Discussion

Economic inequality is the defining issue of our day. The gap between the very rich and very poor in developing nations dashed hopes that all boats would rise together. Certainly the writings of Katherine Boo, the 2015 Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award Winner, underscore what some believe to be the persistent link between rapid growth and widespread, stark poverty in emerging economies. In the United States, there is little doubt that poverty, stagnant wages, the “one percent,” and the prospects of a shattered American dream will shape the 2016 election and set the policy agenda for a generation.  This distinguished panel of journalists explored the significance and challenges of reporting on this critically important issue.

Kathleen Kingsbury, editor of the Ideas Section, Boston Globe
Mike Baker, investigative reporter, Seattle Times
Wendi Thomas, columnist, Memphis Flyer

Moderator:  Walter Hatch, associate professor of Government; director, Oak Institute for Human Rights at Colby College


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