Waterville Mayoral Debate

The three candidates for mayor of the City of Waterville – Karen Heck (Unenrolled), Andy Roy (Republican), and Dana Sennett (Democrat) – engaged in a lively debate focused on what the city has to offer potential residents and entrepreneurs, what the city is lacking, and how to maintain services and make improvements without raising taxes.

Views on the American Economy

Despite the challenging economy, there is reason for optimism, according to three alumni influential in the financial sector – Bob Diamond ’73, Tom Riley ’79, and Eric Rosengren ’79 – who participated in a panel discussion on Oct. 20.

Personalizing the Classroom in an Era of Standardization

Maine Teachers of the Year Kevin Grover (2010) and Shelly Moody (2011) discuss how they have implemented distinctive teaching methods and focused on incorporating parents in the learning process in an effort to personalize the classroom.

Reflections on the Arab Spring

As part of the Lovejoy Convocation events honoring NPR’s Foreign Correspondent Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, a panel featuring Assistant Professor of History John Turner (Colby), Assistant Professor of Government Shelley Deane (Bowdoin) and Visiting Associate Professor of History J. Jason Thompson (Bates) offered their insights into the current events related to the Arab Spring, as well...

Overview of the Obesity Epidemic

Dr. Michael Dedekian of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital of Maine Medical Center presented an overview of for the day-long “Chemicals, Obesity and Diabetes: How Science Leads Us To Action” conference, which took place at Colby on Friday, October 14. Dr. Dedekian is also assistant professor of pediatrics at Tufts...

Chemicals, Obesity and Diabetes: How Science Leads Us To Action – Morning Plenaries

The morning plenary sessions of this day-long conference include: Overview of the Obesity Epidemic with Dr. Michael Dedekian; Developmental and Environmental Origins of Obesity/Diabetes: A Bad Start Lasts A Lifetime with Jerrold Heindel, PhD; Obesogens, Stem Cells and the Maternal Programming of Obesity with keynote speaker Bruce Blumberg, PhD; Prenatal Exposures and Obesity – Evidence...

Obesogens, Stem Cells and the Maternal Programming of Obesity

Bruce Blumberg, PhD is a professor in the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology at the University of California-Irvine, and his talk was the keynote address of the day-long conference: “Chemicals, Obesity and Diabetes: How Science Leads Us To Action”.

2011 Lovejoy Address by Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, NPR News Foreign Correspondent

Despite surviving a Taliban ambush and spending six hours awaiting her own execution as an American spy in Najaf, Iraq, NPR’s Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson concluded, “It’s been worth it, both for myself and those informed by my work,” when she gave the Elijah Parish Lovejoy Convocation address Oct. 16, 2011.