National and international politics are at the forefront of current events. At Colby you’ll study the nuances with government professors who are recognized as national and international experts in their fields.

Colby’s Government Department is known as one of the best at any liberal arts college in the country. Work with professors who are active in real-world political affairs—as consultants to governmental institutions—and whose insights appear regularly in national and international media outlets. Take courses on political theory, comparative politics (of Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, Africa, and Latin America), international relations, and American politics. You’ll think critically and work hard, and you’ll be exposed to a variety of perspectives on political and public-policy issues.

Work with professors as research assistants and present your findings at academic conferences or publish them in publications in scholarly and popular venues. Undertake a political or government-related internship, conduct independent research, or immerse yourself in the political culture of another country through one of the many Colby-approved study-abroad programs worldwide.