The Government Department annually awards three undergraduate prizes and two fellowships to support student research projects or internships.  The Mavrinac prize is given to seniors and are normally announced at the Department’s reception for graduating seniors and their parents on Commencement Weekend.  The Dubord Award is given to seniors, the Peterson Award is given to juniors, and the Ling and Mackenzie Fellowships may be awarded to a junior or a sophomore.  All are normally announced at the Spring Goldfarb Dinner.

Applications for the Ling and Mackenzie Fellowships for Jan Plan 2023 will be live on this DavisConnects webpage on September 27, 2022. Students will submit a general application (please visit the DavisConnects student funding page to prep all essay questions and application materials) and then answer the following question before October 15, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST.

Please describe how this opportunity commits to a larger, coherent course of study or direction in personal and professional development as a Government Major.

Albert A. Mavrinac Prize

The Mavrinac Prize is given annually to honor the best original research project submitted by a student.  Endowed by the generosity of the Mavrinac family, the prize commemorates the life and career of Professor Albert A. Mavrinac, Dana Professor of Government emeritus.  Professor Mavrinac taught at Colby from 1958 until 1992 and was the first Chair of the Government Department.

2019   Carlo Macomber & Ellie Krossa
2018   Nellie Lavalle
2017   Madeleine Neider
2016   Cameron D. Covall
2015   Shelby F. O’Neill, Samuel W. Parker, & Molly E. Robertson
2014   Joshua J. Rothenberg
2013   Lauren Fisher
2012   Laura J. Maloney
2011    Chris Gorud
2010    Cliff Vickery
2009    Daniel O’Sullivan
2008    Hande Yalnizoglu
2007    Alec N. Worsnop
2006    Jessica C. Varnum
2005    Michael W. Rutherford
2004    Laura H. Mistretta
2003    Stephanie L.. Hicks
2002    Kimberly R. Victor
2001    Theresa L. Wagner
2000    Shane Hoffman
1999    William T. Barndt
1999    Lyndall E. Schuster
1998    Elizabeth J. Ivry
1997    Cary T. Gibson
1996    Matthew M. McGinness
1995    Brett M. Santoli
1994    Erik L. Belenky
1993    William L. Charron
1992    Caroline Morris

F. Harold Dubord Prize in Political Science

Established in 1966 by Professor Albert A. Mavrinac, the Dubord Prize is given annually “in recognition of outstanding work in political science” to the senior with the highest academic standing in the Government Department.  Supported by the law firm of Marden, Dubord, Bernier, and Stevens, the award is presented in memory of the Honorable F. Harold Dubord, a member of the Class of 1914 and Justice of the Supreme Court of Maine.

2019   Carlo Macomber & Madeline Taylor
2018   William Levesque
2017   Madeleine Neider
2016   Jane W. Wiesenberg
2015   Lucas L. Fortler
2014   Joshua M. Balk & Russell B. Wilson
2013   Lauren Fisher
2012   Benjamin G. Ogden
2011    Benjy Ogden
2010    Cliff Vickery
2009    Andrew M. Cook
2008    Kyle S. Smith
2007    Ivica Petrikova
2006    Jessica C. Varnum
2005    D. Jarvis Brown
2004    Laura H. Mistretta
2003    Sarah E. Barclay
Brooke P. McNally
2002    Kimberly R. Victor
2001    Milan Babik
2000    Jonathan B. Rickert
1999    Melissa J. Maguire
1998    Jonathan R. Bolton
1997    Susanna C. Montezemolo & Everett M. Fairbrother II
1996    Nicole Dannenberg & John J. Ryan

Laurie Peterson Memorial Award

The Laurie Peterson Memorial Award in Government is awarded annually to a Junior Government major who, “through academic achievement and evidence of leadership and character, has made an outstanding contribution to the Department.” Laurie Peterson died in 1972 during her junior year at Colby, and in 1973 her family established this memorial award in her name.

2019   Ian Baum
2018   Carlo Macomber & Madeline Taylor
2017   Daliah Al-Shakshir & Jeremy Vale
2016   Laura A. Jensen & Madeleine F. Neider
2015   Jane W. Wiesenberg
2014   Lucas L. Fortler & Shelby O’Neill
2013   Joshua M. Balk & Russell B. Wilson
2012    Claire E. Dunn & Abbott G. Matthews
2011    Laura J. Maloney
2010    Benjamin G. Ogden
2009    Fiona Sheridan-McIver
2008    Clifford D. Vickrey
2007    Kyle S. Smith
2006    Ivica Petrikova
2006    Alec N. Worsnop
2005    Jessica C. Varnum
2004    Christopher Surprenant
2003    Laura H. Mistretta
2002    Sarah E. Barclay
2002    Brooke P. McNally
2001    Theresa L. Wagner
2000    Mark Paustenbach
1999    Jonathan B. Rickert
1998    Melissa J. Maguire
1997    Jonathan R. Bolton
1996    Susanna C. Montezemolo
1995    Nicole Dannenberg
1994    Brian M. Rayback
1993    Erik L. Belenky
1992    Karl A. Oliver
1991    Andrew Grossman
1991    David C. Leavy

Benjamin Ling Fellowship Recipients

Awarded annually, the Benjamin Ling Fellowship was established by the parents and friends of Ben Ling ’98  in his memory to support a Colby government major who undertakes an internship or a significant research project.  Ben was a government major who graduated summa cum laude and was pursuing a career working on agricultural and ranching issues in Washington at the time of his death in 2001.

2021    Madeline Wehr
2021    Adwoa Nyame
2020    Rohnique Davy
2019    Anran Zhang
2018    Carolyn Jones
2017    Katherine Cabrera-Hunt
2016    Meredith F. Keenan
2015    Dylan K. Ciccarelli & Cameron D. Coval
2014    Leah E. Breen
2013    Pandit Mami
2012    Max B. Kanner & Abbott G. Matthews
2011    Madelaine Bergier
2010    Megan Booth
2009    Emma Hall
2008    Christine Gardner
2007    Emily Butler
2006    Michael Deheeger
2005    Jessica C. Varnum
2004    Adam Harvey
2003    Michael Shea

The Cal Mackenzie Fellowship

Established in 2016 by students and friends of Government Professor Cal Mackenzie upon his retirement from Colby, the Mackenzie Fellowship honors his 38 years of teaching in the Government Department. It supports a Colby Government major who undertakes an internship in the United States or abroad.


2021    Mingwei Zhu
2021    Emily Nyman
2021    Avery Marti
2020    Brian Riley
2019    Ethan vanderWilden
2018    Katherine Gillespie
2017    Wesley Zebrowski