The Office of Foundation Relations and Sponsored Programs provides tailored support to faculty and staff seeking funding opportunities. On this page, you will find information pertaining to internal and external funding opportunities available to faculty and staff.


To support faculty development, instructional innovation, and travel to research conferences, the College offers three main forms of internal funding: Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Fellowship Funding, Start-Up Grants for Junior Faculty, and Travel Grants for Faculty.

To learn more about these funding sources, we invite you to visit our Internal Funding page.


For research projects and institutional development purposes, our office works closely with faculty and staff to secure the funding and resources needed to foster innovation on Colby’s campus. Our office maintains relationships with a number of Federal agencies, corporations, foundations, and organizations seeking to support these efforts, and we provide the guidance needed to navigate the proposal and budget development processes.

Additionally, tools such as Pivot—a searchable funding database—and our monthly Grants Digest provide faculty with listings of funding sources and opportunities for short- and long-term funding opportunities. With these resources, faculty and staff can identify potential funders and grants that may align with their projects, and our office collaborates with faculty and staff to refine the funding search.

To learn more about Pivot, the Grants Digest, and our tailored services, please contact our office at [email protected]. For more information about these funding resources, we invite you to visit our External Funding page.