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Beyond the classroom, Colby professors accomplish amazing things through research, colloquia, symposia, and more. With the help of grants and fellowships, they are able to explore their fields in depth and share their findings with others. Faculty members often engage the Colby community in their work by offering research positions and other opportunities to students. The map above showcases a number of examples of global faculty research.


Through their involvement in internships and research, students at Colby find many ways to learn from and contribute to the rest of the world. Colby’s collaborative academic environment equips its students with the skills necessary to pursue opportunities in a variety of disciplines and locations. As shown above, recent students have applied their classroom experience to exciting projects across the globe.


Colby students take advantage of the many off-campus study programs available to them by learning in a variety of places. Study abroad programs enable students to explore a new part of the world while furthering their academic careers. Additionally, many JanPlan courses provide a way for students to briefly travel off campus and learn in new ways. The map above shows the locations of many of these courses.