Frankenthaler Climate Initiative Grant

The Frankenthaler Climate Initiative was started by the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation to improve energy efficiency for visual arts establishments, thus reducing emissions and costs. This year, Colby College was granted $100,000 for the implementation project at the Paul J. Schupf Art Center in downtown Waterville.

Schupf Art Center Exterior Concept, image courtesy of Landry/French Construction

The arts a major driver for Waterville’s current revitalization, and Colby College and the Colby Museum have fundamental roles in this effort. Included in the development of the Paul J. Schupf Art Center, which is located in the heart of downtown and set to open in fall 2022, is the installation of an efficient heating, ventilation, adn ir conditioning (HVAC) system for the Colby Museum gallery within the Schupf Art Center that meets the high-performance needs of an art gallery environment and Colby’s ambitious energy use goals.

This grant will also enhance Colby’s sustainability education programmings as it draws attention to foundational aspects of low-impact building practices over better-known strategies such as photocoltaics. These energy-efficiency interventions will allow Colby to safeguard the environment, while educating its community and demonstrating to peers nationally what is achievable in the energy efficient design of an active, multi-use art space.


Frankenthaler Climate Initiative

Helen Frankenthaler Foundation