College Expands Recycling Efforts

August 5, 2014

The Office of Sustainability has made several recycling adjustments this summer to accept a wider range of materials.  It now accepts used ink cartridges and toner; batteries; light bulbs; technological items like chargers, wires, keyboards, phones, and laptops; and used shoes.  All members of the Colby Community are encouraged to bring any of these items to Miller 09, in the Roberts Union side of the Street during standard working hours.

This summer the Physical Plant Department is also updating the recycling stations in the Roberts Row dorms, Averill, and Johnson.  The new stations – located in the hallways and bathrooms – will allow for the recycling of plastics, redeemable bottles and cans, cardboard, and paper.  The College will systematically move through the campus residence halls in order to expand recycling efforts for plastics.

Aside from these specialty items, in every building on campus there are green-topped bins for redeemable bottles and cans, blue-topped bins for paper and boxboard, yellow bins for all plastic items, and smaller blue bins in kitchens for metals and plastics.  Additionally, every dining hall on campus composts all food waste, and students are encouraged to rent a compost bin for free from the Office of Sustainability for food waste outside of the dining halls.

Please contact the Office of Sustainability at [email protected] for any comments, questions, or concerns.

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