Club Expo BBQ Composting Effort Leads to Huge Savings

September 18, 2014

Each fall Colby holds the Club Expo for students to get acquainted with—and join—extracurricular clubs and organizations. On Sept. 10 as part of the Club Expo barbecue, Colby EcoReps organized and executed a composting plan.

When the event was over, students had diverted 90 percent of the waste from the event for composting, recycling, or reuse.

That’s more than double the typical rate. On average Colby diverts approximately 40 percent of its waste from landfill each year. Pushing that rate to 90 percent at the Club Expo showed the benefits of composting and careful planning as Colby strives to adopt the most sustainable practices it can. But it requires teamwork and student buy-in.

The EcoReps and the Sustainability Office worked with Dining Services to coordinate the effort, to orchestrate small menu adjustments, and to execute the final plan. That planning—and careful choices by Dining Services of utensils, plates, cups, and the food itself—made it easy for EcoReps to sort the waste at the event and achieve the 90-percent diversion rate.

Keep an eye out for the EcoReps at future campus events and follow Green Colby on facebook, twitter, or instagram to find out ways to get involved.



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