New Construction

In 2014 Colby adopted a set of comprehensive green building standards that includes requirements for LEED certification at a minimum LEED Silver rating as well as process-focused requirements regarding energy modeling, life cycle costing, an integrated design process ,and building energy metering. Learn more >

Existing Buildings

We try to retrofit all existing buildings with the most energy and environmentally efficient devices; we use green cleaning practices; we find and implement new methods to conserve energy, water, and other resources; and so much more.
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By beginning sustainability efforts in 2000, Colby College’s Dining Services moved to the cutting edge of top food trends, many of which increase sustainability in food service. Learn More >


We are taking a multifaceted approach to make transportation at Colby as sustainable as possible.

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The College is committed to making sustainable purchases, and the Physical Plant Department is committed to sustainable landscaping practices, including an Integrated Pest Management Plan and sustainable cleaning, highlighted in their green cleaning document.

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Latest News

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  • Roberts Renovation Earns Colby’s 14th LEED Certificate for Sustainable Construction - Renovations to the Roberts Building completed in 2015 earned LEED gold certification, the U.S. Green Building Council announced in March. The renovation of the second and third floors as residence halls led to Colby’s 14th LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design) certification and increased LEED certified space to the point where 20 percent of...
  • Sustainability Behind the Scenes: Colby Data Center - Colby’s Information Technology Services (ITS) server group has been busy updating the College’s server environment, and creating significant energy reductions was one of its primary goals. The server group identified a technology that would allow ITS to keep up with growth in services provided by the server environment while drastically reducing the servers’ electricity consumption. Servers...
  • Exterior Lighting Project Provides Big Savings and ROI - Parking lots across campus recently received a face-lift—not pavement, but exterior lighting. This year a pilot energy management plan identified 13 energy conservation projects that were expected to reduce electricity consumption at Colby by approximately 500,000 kWh annually. Projects include exterior and interior lighting changes and the installation of variable frequency drives in kitchens and in the...

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