IMG_20140312_123237EcoReps are students who have a passion for sustainability and are interested in creating change. Representatives educate their peers on sustainable living practices, organize and execute waste diversion efforts local to their dorm, plan sustainability-related events throughout the year, communicate and market campus environmental activities, engage in campus-related sustainability research, and act as a sustainable living example for their community. With the direct support of the College sustainability coordinator and with assistance from a variety of campus stakeholders, the EcoReps  implement projects to improve sustainability efforts campuswide.

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Green Graduation

Green Grad PledgeThe 2014 graduation was Colby’s seventh Green Graduation. Events scheduled and supported by the Sustainability Office, the Office of Special Programs, Physical Plant, and Dining Services incorporate current and new green practices, including minimizing the use of plastics, reducing electricity use, increasing composting, low-impact decorations, serving sustainable foods, using 100 percent-recycled products, gown recycling, and reducing paper use, among other initiatives.

Dorm Electricity Challenge 2019

Dorm Electricity Challenge 2018

Dorm Electricity Challenge 2017

Meet the EcoReps

Name Email Address
Amber Churchwell ’20 [email protected]
Anna Yu ’19 [email protected]
Carter Hall ’20 [email protected]
Ed Powell ’21 [email protected]
Eli Hanschka ’19 [email protected]
Grace Andrews ’21 [email protected]
Grace Neumiller ’21 [email protected]
Hannah McGrath ’22 [email protected]
Henry Toulmin ’21 [email protected]
Jackie Hang ’19 [email protected]
Katherine Berry ’20 [email protected]
Lena Hanschka ’21 [email protected]
Lena Martin ’20 [email protected]
Lilly Naimie ’19 [email protected]
Meghan Parker ’21 [email protected]
Pilar Fuentes ’22 [email protected]
Skylar Tupper ’20 [email protected]
Tiffany Poore ’20 [email protected]
Tomasso Wagner ’19 [email protected]
Will Seivwright ’21 [email protected]
Willow Grinnell ’20 [email protected]
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