Professor Scheck was featured in a C-SPAN interview about his book, Hitler’s African Victims.  Scheck has been appointed to a new endowed chair, effective September 1, 2012: the Audrey Wade Hittinger Katz and Sheldon Toby Katz Professorship for Distinguished Teaching.  He is also finishing a book manuscript of French colonial prisoners in German captivity 1940-1945.  In the course of his archival research for the book, he discovered an unknown report of captivity from eminent poet, philosopher, and statesman Léopold Sédar Senghor (president of Senegal, 1960-1980, theorist of “négritude,” and member of the prestigious Académie française), who spent twenty months in German POW camps and whose career was profoundly influenced by his captivity experience. The French daily newspaper Le Monde interviewed Scheck and published an article about this discovery on 17 June 2011, and the magazine Jeune Afrique published Senghor’s report together with an interview with Scheck on 24 July 2011. Scheck was also interviewed recently for the French documentary “Les 43 Tirailleurs” by Mireille Hannon, which traces a massacre in Clamecy (Burgundy) that he had covered in his book Hitler’s African Victims (Cambridge University Press, 2006; in French: 2007; in German: 2009). The Musée de la Résistance in Saint Brisson organized a conference on this massacre, inviting Scheck to give the keynote lecture.  The film was released at the end of the conference.