Employee tuition is available to continuing, full-time employees upon completion of their initial probationary period. The tuition benefit is limited to tuition; activity charges, travel, books, and other fees are not eligible. The benefit pays per credit hour at a rate of:

  • Up to $279.00 for undergraduate courses
  • Up to $418.00 for graduate courses (through the doctorate’s level)

Eligible employees may receive this benefit for up to 12 credit hours per calendar year.

Requests should be submitted to Human Resources at least two weeks prior to the payment deadline. The tuition bill must accompany the application when requesting payment for each attending semester. The tuition bill must include the school name, employee’s name, the attending semester, and the tuition amount (separate from any fees).

  • Application for Employee Tuition Benefit form – Payment is usually made prior to courses starting and is paid directly to the attending college, university, or vocational-technical school. When requesting payment up front by the College, you must sign the Tuition Remission Agreement located on the back of the application; grades must be submitted to HR within two weeks upon completion of course and receipt of grades. NOTE:  If requesting reimbursement, you must supply the application, proof of payment, and grades.

Employees who are in a continuing, full-time position may also audit or enroll for credit in one Colby course each semester at no cost.

For additional information please refer to the Staff Handbook.