If traveling on official Colby business, there are many services available to you worldwide.

The services listed below can only be used when traveling on official Colby business.  They are not available for personal travel.  For information related to personal travel, click here.

While traveling internationally for the College on academic, research, business, or recruiting functions, employees should take advantage of the travel services provided by our contracted providers, Travel Guard and AIG. With the College as a policy holder, Colby travelers can find assistance worldwide with:

  • Medical Assistance and Travel Medical Emergency Services
  • Personal and Pre-Trip Services
  • Legal Assistance
  • Emergency Cash – From Personal Funding Source
  • Lost Baggage or Passport Assistance
  • Insurance Coordination
  • Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Emergency Message Center
  • Other General Assistance

Prior to leaving the USA, each employee should print out a copy of the AIG Travel Guard card and keep a copy with them at all times when traveling internationally. Colby encourages its employees to register on AIG’s Travel Guard Assistance website. In order to register on the website, employees should reference the policy number on the AIG Travel Guard card. Employees are encouraged to complete the website’s Security Awareness Training videos and certificate program.

The website offers the AIG Travel Assistance App and provides travel resources including the following:

  • Travel education and tips
  • Country reports
  • Safety, security, and weather alerts for specific regions, often issued in advance of U.S. Department of State travel warnings or alerts
  • Medical terms translation tool
  • Drug brand equivalency tool
  • Medical provider directory
  • Health advisories

It is important for the international traveler to understand that once outside US borders, if the traveler is directly involved in College business at the time of an injury, the traveler qualifies under the provisions of the Workers’ Compensation policy and should use the above travel assistance.

Colby employees traveling domestically or abroad for work or leisure may also access services through Cigna Secure Travel. However, for international travel for College business, AIG Travel Guard should be employees’ primary resource. If the international traveler is injured during personal leisure and has medical coverage through Cigna Healthcare, whether participating in the OAPIN, OAP, or HSA plan, the traveler qualifies for international and domestic travel services under the Cigna Secure Travel Program.


For more information about benefits while traveling abroad, call the Colby Human Resources office at extension 5500.