To operate a motor vehicle for Colby College follow the instructions below:

Driving for Colby College requires all students and employees to become Colby Certified Operators and adhere to Colby’s Fleet Safety Policy.

Colby students driving for the College as part of coursework, athletics, or part time employment must complete the following steps the first year they wish to drive:

  1. Fill out the Motor Vehicle Records Check Permission Form with any motor vehicle violations you have received in the last four years.
  2. Review and sign Colby Motor Vehicle Operation Requirements Acknowledgment.
  3. Return both forms to the Security office (first floor, Roberts Building) and request access to the online defensive driving Moodle.
  4. Complete the defensive driving Moodle and pass a short quiz.
  5. You will receive an email from GoodEgg requesting you login and submit your personal information to complete the motor vehicle records check.
  6. Once all the forms have been completed, you have successfully passed the defensive driving quiz, and your motor vehicle record is acceptable (per the Fleet Safety Policy), you will be notified by the Security Department that you are certified to operate a vehicle for Colby College.

Full-time employees are not required to complete the defensive driving Moodle session. However, they must complete the background check and sign the operator’s acknowledgement. Employees who wish to drive the golf carts, 15-passenger minibus or 12 passenger Transit vans are required to complete an on-the-road safety briefing before operation.

Returning students who have completed the steps above, must self certify each year that there have been no changes to their motor vehicle record using MVR Student Update Form before they can driver in the next school year.