Introducing Colby Pathways

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to share a learning framework and structure for future professional development programming specifically for staff.

Colby Pathways Overview

  1. Common: Learning for all staff that is aligned to Colby vision, goals and expectations
  2. Function/Role: Learning designed and/or delivered specifically for a division, team, or role
  3. *IMPACT (Inspired Management Practices that Activate Culture and Teams): Learning focused for managers on the highest areas of need
  4. Leadership: Learning for early career and emerging leaders, and succession planning

* This Pathway is our priority focus for 2023 – 2024

Learning and Development Methodology

In collaboration with Academic ITS, Colby Pathways offers audience-specific curated learning to help our staff develop the knowledge and skills for the present and future.

Grounded in Experiential Learning, learners will be connected to communities (cohorts) to reflect, apply, and share their learning with opportunities to advance their learning through professional mastery, mentorship, and performance management/advancement.

The “Five Moments of Need” framework set forth by Bob Mosher & Conrad Gottfredson illustrates the different times when employees benefit from learning. These needs involve gaining the knowledge and skills from the early stages (as proactive measures) to applying them to (timely) challenges and scenarios so employees can use what they have learned to perform and take action.


NEW: Do you need to learn something for the first time? 

  • Example: Learning to acquire new information, develop new skill sets, and/or perform a task that has not been done before.
  • Learn through: Onboarding; Job shadowing; Reference Guides/Manuals; Instructor-Led Programs; Webinars and eLearning

MORE: Do you need to expand your knowledge or skills?

  • Example: Acquiring more information about a specific job responsibility in order to enhance performance.
  • Learn through: Coaching; Scenario-Based Learning; Advanced Instructor-Led Programs; Webinars and eLearning

APPLY: Do you need to use already learned concepts?

  • Example: Recall, apply, and transfer knowledge/skills to complete tasks, in real time.
  • Learn through: Mentoring; On-The-Job Training; ‘How to’ Videos, Manuals/Guides; Wiki Pages/Websites; Demos/Simulations

SOLVE: Do you need to find an answer to a problem at work?

  • Example: Encounter a problem with a piece of equipment and reach out to others to see if anyone else has the solution.
  • Learn through: Connecting with Colleagues/Supervisor; Support/Help Desk; FAQ; Web Search

CHANGE: Do you need to adapt through learning?

  • Example: A department makes changes to its processes which affects how tasks are done and involves different people.
  • Learn through: Attending Meetings; Q&A; Newsletters; Coaching; Instructor-Led Programs; Webinars and eLearning

Colby Pathways aligns these learning moments to help advance performance, employee engagement, retention, and growth.

Get Connected

Scheduled learning topics

Each month we’ll focus the learning on specific subjects. Look for ways to learn, engage, and grow in our newsletters.

  • November 2023 = Courageous Conversations
  • December 2023 = Manager Fundamentals and Hiring Talent
  • January 2024 = Art of Coaching
  • February 2024 = Meeting Management
  • March 2024 = Process Improvement/Agility
  • April 2024 = Project Management

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