Established and administered by the President’s Staff Advisory Council in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, Colby’s staff recognition awards highlight the contributions and outstanding achievements of support and administrative staff from across the College.

The annual awards recognize employees for their impact throughout the academic year in three areas described by the awards guidelines. They acknowledge extraordinary efforts made by Colby staff members toward fulfilling the goals, mission, and values of the College. These awards are among the highest honors awarded to staff by Colby, and each award carries a one-time prize of $2,500.

These awards acknowledge support and administrative staff across the College whose work meets the specific guidelines described within the award categories. These awards are not intended to recognize research or teaching accomplishments. Subcontractors and consultants are not eligible.

Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award celebrates a member of the staff who has made an extraordinary contribution to the lives of Colby community members through committed, innovative, thoughtful, and generous effort and service.


  • Has had a significant and meaningful positive impact on the Colby community
  • Demonstrates reliability, perseverance, and high propensity for action
  • Takes initiative to solve problems and improve work situations without being prompted
  • Engages whenever and wherever needed and always performs at a high level
  • Consistently goes above and beyond expectations

Diversity Leadership Award

The Diversity Leadership Award recognizes a member of the staff who displays leadership in fostering and supporting diversity, both on campus and within the surrounding community.


  • Promotes an inclusive workplace by inviting diverse viewpoints, encouraging collaboration, and modeling appreciation and respect toward colleagues
  • Fulfills Colby’s obligation to promote an environment and society characterized by inclusiveness and acceptance
  • Raises the general awareness and consciousness about diversity issues within the context of Colby’s mission and for the greater good of the campus community

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award goes to a new member of the Colby community who has had a meaningful impact on the Colby community in a short period of time.


  • One to three years of service at Colby
  • Has made a unique and demonstrable contribution to his/her department by embracing the mission and values of Colby
  • Demonstrated examples of high quality of service and a record of building interdepartmental relationships
  • Potential for growth and leadership

Recognition Ceremony

The three annual award recipients will be honored each year during the staff gathering this summer.