In the interests of reducing harm from tobacco use and secondhand smoke, providing an environment that encourages persons to be tobacco-free, reducing long-term health-care costs, and promoting a campus culture of wellness, Colby College has established a tobacco-free policy.

millerContactFor the purposes of this policy, tobacco use will be defined as the possession of any lighted tobacco products, or the use of any type of smokeless tobacco including electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco. The use of any such products will not be permitted on any College-owned property, including, but not limited to buildings, grounds, parking areas, walkways, recreational and sporting facilities and College-owned or leased vehicles.

This policy applies to faculty, staff, students, clients, contractors, vendors and visitors, and will be in effect during and after normal campus hours as well as during all College sponsored events. In selected areas, “Tobacco-free Campus” signs may be posted to ensure that all understand the College’s commitment to a tobacco-free campus.

Employees and students who use tobacco and would like to quit have the opportunity to participate in tobacco cessation programs offered through Human Resources (employees) or the student Health Center (students).

Ultimately, the success of this initiative will depend upon the thoughtfulness, respect, and cooperation of everyone, and all members of our community will share the responsibility of following and enforcing the policy.

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