Associate Professor of Philosophy
2 p.m. 

Lydia MolandGlobal Justice, Local Focus: Applying Philosophy in Maine

Theories of global justice are a staple of modern moral philosophy. Philosophers such as Martha Nussbaum, Peter Singer, and Thomas Pogge have taken these theories out of the ivory tower, urging their readers to use theory to inspire practice on issues ranging from global poverty to indigenous rights. But thinking globally should not distract us from acting locally. How can philosophies of global justice illuminate our moral obligations within the state of Maine?

Professor Moland earned her Ph.D. in philosophy from Boston University. Her research focuses on applying the history of philosophy and the work of philosopher G.W.F. Hegel to contemporary philosophical debates. Her book, Hegel on Political Identity: Patriotism, Nationality, Cosmopolitanism, considers the value of patriotism in ethical life. Her more recent publications and teaching concern the philosophy of art, especially what theories of tragedy and comedy tell us about our moral commitments. She was the coordinator of Colby’s
2012-13 annual humanities theme, “Comedy, Seriously.”