graduates at commencement The Colby faculty authorized the Senior Scholars Program in 1953. The Independent Major Committee has administered the program since the faculty revised the regulations in 1959. The Senior Scholars Program is a college-wide program that provides the opportunity to devote significant time to a major project. Therefore, it has different requirements than do the various departmental independent study or senior project programs. The guidelines require scholars, tutors, readers, and the committee to work within the established deadlines. The responsibilities and deadlines are outlined in this site. Please read them carefully. Consult the Members of the Independent Major Committee if problems arise or are anticipated.

Selection by this Honors program allows the student to pursue a topic of their choice. The Senior Scholars Program releases the student from 2 courses or 8 credit hours per semester. The maximum of 16 credits per semester includes SR491/492. The Jan Plan is optional. The committee expects the student to organize their schedule to devote time throughout the year to this project. The senior scholars will meet with their tutor weekly. The tutor will be given adequate time to consider all reports and materials submitted. The deadlines posted on the calendar are to be met.