Other Resources

Photographs Used in Quizzes for Family Recognition Will Be Drawn From These Locations

The CD that comes with the textbook
The introductory slides used in class

Family overview on the Bio211 web pages

U. of Cincinnati - Flower Morphology and Families - Self quiz

U. of Illinois - Flowering Plant Families


Summary of Phylogenetic Analysis Software
Computer Programs for the Phylogenetic Analysis of Comparative Data
TreeBase: A Database of Phylogenetic Knowledge. Macintosh search software available
DELTA format (DEscription Language for TAxonomy)


Plant images and descriptions

U. of Cincinnati - Flower Morphology and Families - Self quiz

U. of Illinois - Flowering Plant Families
Texas A&M, Vascular Plant Image Gallery
Smithsonian Catalog of Botanical Illustrations
Texas A&M Botany 301 Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
Botanical Society of America Online Image Collection
Stein's Virtual Herbarium
Center for Aquatic Plants, U. Of Florida
Desert Wildflower Watch
The GardenWeb
U. of Wisconsin, Tom Volk's Fungi
Encyclopedia Britannica: flowering plant families


Floras and Checklists

US Dept. Of Agriculture National Plants Database
International Organization for Plant Information
IAPT-MARY Suprageneric Names Database
World Species List - Animals Plants Microbes
Missouri Botanical Garden Tropicos Database
Man and the Biosphere Species Databases
Invaders Database System - for early detection, alert, and tracking of invasive alien plants and weedy natives
Carnivorous Plant Database
The Carnivorous Plant Enthusiasts Web Site of Knowledge
Gymnosperm Database
Flora of North America
CalFlora: A botanical resource for California on the internet
Pennsylvania Flora Project
Guide to Poisonous Plants
Medicinal and Poisonous Plant Databases
Orchids of Wisconsin
Palms Online
Rainforests of Surinam
Bilder ur Nordens Flora (Nordic flora with many illustrations)
Species 2000: Indexing the World's Species


Herbaria, Botanical Gardens, and Plant Societies

Index Herbariorum: Part 1 - The Herbaria of the World
Yahoo! Listing of Botanical Gardens
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England
Harvard University Herbaria
California Native Plant Society
U. of Delaware Botanic Garden
U. of Wisconsin - Madison, Botanical Garden
Australian National Botanic Garden Biodiversity Server
International Willi Hennig Society


Plant Evolution/Phylogeny

Science Magazine: A Tree of Life (with extensive links to other web pages)
Tree of Life, U. Of Arizona
Index to Life (UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology)
UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology: Journey into the World of Cladistics

TreeBase: A Database of Phylogenetic Knowledge.
WWW Virtual Library (Harvard): Evolution
Green Plant Phylogeny Research Coordination Group: Understanding the Diversity of Plants
Systematic Biology 44(1) -- Articles on Phylogeny Reconstruction


Plant nomenclature

International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Tokyo Code 1994)
PhyloCode -- a proposed formal set of rules governing phylogenetic nomenclature
Gray Card Index to Names of New World Vascular Plants
Index Nominum Genericorum (Plantarum)
Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature
The International Plant Names Index
Dictionary of Botanical Epithets


General Botany/Biology

Glossary of Plant Morphology
Yahoo! Listing of Botanical Resources
Smithsonian Natural History Home Page
Internet Directory for Botany
Rainforest Action Network
The Virtual Plant Cell
UC Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
IOPI Database of Plant Databases
Department of Engergy, Human Genome Project



Careers in Botany

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