Office Phone                                    Watch 1 Minute Video

Allows for up to six parties (including yourself) to be connected at one time using the Conference key on Colby’s standard M3904 digital office phone. Use the phone set’s “Hands Free” key if there are multiple people on Colby’s end. View the 1 minute Video

Konftel Conference Phone                               Watch Expansion Mic Video

The Konftel is a battery driven wireless conference phone which allows for multiple people (more than 4) in a campus conference room to hear and be heard with people on the other end of a phone call.




Conference Bridge Service

ITS maintains  on-campus conference bridge that can accommodate up to 60 in-calling participants. This service requires a conference ID that is programmed by ITS and assigned to you or your department, please contact the ITS Support Center if you wish to have a conference ID assigned or any other questions regarding the conference bridge.

At the time of the conference:

1. Dial (207) 859-5900 or toll free (877) 860-7640

2. When prompted, enter the conference ID that was provided to you and press #

3. Upon joining the conference, state your name to be announced to the call and press #. If you do not wish to be announced, just press #.