Welcome to OfficeLinx, Colby’s voice mail system. If this is your first time using OfficeLinx, you need to log on using the mailbox number (usually your campus extension) and then the default password (1111). The system will immediately ask you to reset your password and verify by entering it again. (Make the password unique, NOT your phone extension.)

Accessing Your Mailbox

Dial into System from Campus x4100
Dial in from Off-Campus 859-4100
Enter you Mailbox Number Your Ext
Enter your password 1111 default


Mailbox Commands

Repeat Current Menu (Help) *
Return to Previous Menu #
Change your Name ID 8-2-9
Change your Greeting 8-2-1
Change your Password 8-4
Change Auto Forwarding Settings 8-5-1
Remote Notification 8-5-2
Distribution Lists (Phone Bombs) 8-5-5


Message Commands

Replay Message #
Skip Back to Previous Message 4
Skip Forward to Next Message 6
Call the Sender 9
Reply to Sender 7-1
Forward Message 7-3
Delete Message 7-6
Compose a Message 7-5


OfficeLinx Command Map