What is changing?

ITS is upgrading the campus telephone system to a more modern voice-over-IP (VOIP) system that allows telephone service to operate over the campus data network instead of the older telephone lines. As part of this change, most campus telephones will be replaced with new handsets. Because the new telephones are network-based, there are a few important differences to be aware of:

  • VOIP telephones connect to a data port using a standard Ethernet cable. Office telephones will have a computer data port on the back of the phone to allow convenient connection of a nearby computer or laptop.
  • Because VOIP telephones require power and connectivity from the data network, they will not always work when the power is out. Emergency and other critical phone lines will remain ‘hard wired’ to permit operation during a power outage.

What you need to know

Your telephone number(s) won’t change, but the telephone handset(s), their features and the voice mail system will change. It is important to note that saved voice mails will not transfer – they can still be accessed on the old system by dialing (207)-859-4100.

Once your telephone has been updated, you’ll need to configure your new voice mail with a password and a greeting:

  1. Dial *17 from on campus or dial (207)-859-6100 if off campus.
  2. Enter your extension when prompted, and press # (pound key)
  3. When prompted for a password, enter # (pound key) and follow the instructions to finish setting up your voice mail.

Until you complete these steps your new voice mail will use a default greeting that only states your extension number.

To view user guides for the new phones visit the telephone online resource page.

Common Questions

What if I use call forwarding (MobileX) to route my extension to my cell phone or other number?

If you had call forwarding in place, it will automatically be carried forward. You can activate or deactivate it by calling (207)-859-6908 and dialing *61 to activate or *60 to deactivate, or press the ‘Twin’ button on the new phone to access forwarding options.

I have my voice mail recordings being sent to my email account, will that change?

If you already have voice mail being sent to your inbox, this will continue. If you are interested in having this set up, contact the ITS Support Center.

What about fax machines and conference phones?

Similar to emergency and critical phones, fax machines won’t be changed and will continue to operate on dedicated wiring. Most conference room phones will be upgraded to VOIP compatible hardware.

My phone handset or one in my office is of an emergency/critical use and must operate if the power goes out.

A digital or analog ‘hard wired’ connection can be arranged in most areas if there is a critical need for the telephone to operate during a power outage. Contact the ITS Support Center at (207)-859-4222 to make this request prior to your phone being updated.

Can I get a new VOIP phone now?

Each building requires certain equipment and programming before it can support VOIP phones, so in most cases this won’t be possible. Consult the building schedule below or contact the ITS Support Center at (207)-859-4222 or [email protected] if you want to find out.


Telephone Upgrade Schedule by Building

Building/Area Status Building/Area Status
Alfond Senior Apartments TBD Johnson TBD
Arey TBD Lorimer Chapel TBD
Athletics July 2020 Lovejoy TBD
Averill TBD Lunder House TBD
Bixler TBD Mary Low TBD
Coburn TBD Miller Library TBD
Collins and Young Observatory TBD Mudd TBD
Dana TBD Museum TBD
Davis TBD Olin August 2020
Diamond TBD Perkins-Wilson TBD
Drummond TBD Pierce TBD
East Quad TBD Piper TBD
Facilities / PPD TBD Pulver / Cotter Union TBD
Foss TBD Roberts TBD
Garrison Foster TBD Runnals TBD
Goddard Hodgins TBD Shair – Swenson-Watson Alumni Center TBD
Grossman TBD Treworgy TBD
Heights TBD West Quad TBD
Hillside TBD Woodman TBD
Hill House TBD 173 Main Street Offices August 2020