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Colby Cell Phone Request

1.  Complete applicable sections below.
2.  Read Cell Policies then sign below.
3.  Obtain supervisor’s signature.
4.  Deliver to Admin VP for review.

User Name:




Notes: Please indicate what size (gb) you would like for your phone and what color.

If you have an existing number and would like it transferred over,
please contact Jessie Parsons at [email protected] or 207-859-4201.
Otherwise, a new number will be assigned to you

Cell Service/Phone (Check just one)


__iPhone __ Android

      ___Flip Phone


      ___Data Only (iPads)


Accessories (Check those requested)

     ___Screen Saver  ___Case (go to the Verizon site and email a link to [email protected])      ___Car Charger






I have read the Colby Cell Phone Policy and confirm that the primary purpose for obtaining a cell phone is business use, and I further understand all cell devices and plans are the property of Colby. ______________________________
Cell User Signature
The requested cell phone is needed for the employee named per Colby’s Cell Phone Policy. I understand costs will be charged to our department and has been considered in light of budgets. ______________________________
Supervisor Signature
Request is ___approved ___denied per the following:


Administrative VP Signature