The ‘Colby Access’ wireless network is an encrypted wireless network for use by all Colby account holders (students, faculty and staff) and provides access to general information technology resources, such as printing, file and software servers. The encryption ensures that the wireless data cannot be captured or monitored by other computers nearby.


Connecting to ‘Colby Access’

Upon connecting to the network, users will be prompted for their Colby username/password and to accept (or trust) a digital certificate before they are permitted to associate with the network. Some computers, such as Microsoft Windows, iPhone/iPads and Android devices may require additional configuration before a successful connection can be made.

If your computer or device is unable to connect to the ‘Colby Access’ network, or the network does not work once connected, some additional configuration may be required. Please refer to the steps below based on your operating system type. These steps will only need to be done once, as any future connections to the network will use the saved or ‘remembered’ profile for the network.

  • Microsoft Windows Profile Installer (Recommended)
    • Colby Access Profile Installer for all Windows operating systems
      • Save and then run the installer to automatically create a ‘Colby Access’ wireless network on your computer


If the instructions listed above do not apply to your device or operating system, try configuring the wireless connection profile using the following general settings:

  • Network Name / SSID:  Colby Access   (*note this is case sensitive)
  • Security Type:  WPA2 Enterprise
  • Encryption Type:  AES or TKIP (both are supported)
  • Authentication Method:  Protected EAP or PEAP
    • Using secured password (EAP-MSCHAPv2)


If you require direct assistance, contact the ITS Support Center at [email protected] or ext. 4222