Teaching, Learning, and Working Remotely

IT resources to ensure online continuity for the Colby community

There are a variety of services to connect you with the resources and community members you need to continue to perform many of the activities that you normally conduct on campus. ITS is committed to providing guidance and support on the effective use of these services to help you achieve continuity in your work at Colby.

The information on this page will be updated as the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus unfolds. Please return to this site for the most up-to-date guidance on IT services.

Preparing for and Working Remotely

  • What IT systems and services do you access and use in a typical work day?  Ensure that you will be able to access these resources from home.
  • What colleagues do you typically collaborate with? Coordinate how best to communicate via Email, chat (Google Hangouts and Meet are already built in to Colby’s Google Suite), and other online meeting options.
  • Review the material on this page that applies to you and addresses your needs.
  • Reach out to the ITS Support Center at [email protected] or (207) 859-4222 with your technology needs and questions

For more specific information on systems and services for remote work, ITS maintains a website with more information on administrative continuity, including how to manage equipment, connectivity and online access.

Ensuring Reliability

As so much of the population pivots to online and remote work, resources are put to the test. Be aware of common tests and troubleshooting tips to ensure reliable operation of online services by knowing your network:

  • Is your service up to the task? Run a speed test. Anything less than 10Mbps (megabits per second) download speed or a ping time of more than 75ms (milliseconds) will not perform well for some online applications like video chat and streaming. If your speed is slow, disconnect devices that are not in use and restart your router or modem before calling your Internet service provider for assistance.
  • Wireless or wired? WiFi is convenient but can be slower and more unreliable. Get as close to your wireless router as you can, or better yet, plug your computer directly in to your router with an ethernet cable.
  • A VPN connection may be required to access certain on campus resources like the Colby file server, but it can also slow down performance on Internet sites like Google and Zoom. Disconnect from Colby’s VPN if you don’t need it – you can always connect again when you need it again.
  • Is everything slow or just some things/certain sites? If everything is slow, the issue is likely to be your computer or your home network. If certain services or websites are slow, it may be because that particular service is experiencing issues – this is an unprecedented time, and services are being put to the test around the globe.

Ensuring Security

Scams and fraud increase during any time of crisis, requiring extra vigilance when working online, reading email and even setting up and conducting online video conferences. Attempts to trick you into clicking on a link, downloading malicious software or viruses, or giving up your personal information are currently on the rise. There have been reports of fraudulent messaging purporting to come from College officials – remember that Colby’s official communications regarding COVID-19 are posted at http://www.colby.edu/covid-19/. Verify any electronic communication (email or website) you receive against that website, or, if in doubt, contact the ITS Support Center at [email protected]

The ITS information security website contains the latest information on secure computing practices and resources.