An e-mail redirect advertises a new e-mail address for you after you have left Colby and your account at Colby has been closed. E-mail sent to your closed Colby account will still be returned as undeliverable to the sender; however, a redirect will send return message in plain English and will include your new e-mail address. The return message will say “User [email protected] has moved, please try [email protected]

Your previous Colby address and the address you request in the redirect message will be shown as appropriate. The subject line of the redirect message will also say “Colby user [email protected] has moved.” The sender will have to note the new address and resend their original message.

The e-mail will NOT be automatically forwarded to the new address! Redirects are kept in place for approximately six months after your Colby account is closed.

You may only request a redirect if you are graduating, transferring out, or your employment is ending. The process of setting a redirect is NOT automated—it will be reviewed by ITS personnel during normal business hours, so please plan ahead.

If you are a graduating senior, click here.