Identity Finder—Sensitive Information Discovery Software

This document is to be used as an introduction and first-time use guide for Identity Finder. Please read through before or during your installation of the software.

Identity Finder software can be used to search for and secure (if desired) sensitive information on your computer such as social security numbers (SSNs), credit card account numbers, and passwords (including saved web browser passwords). The software will search inside of documents, folders, and compressed archives. For obvious reasons, it cannot inspect the contents of encrypted files.

Identity Finder is licensed for any college-owned computer (any computer with a Colby property tag) and for use by any current faculty or staff member.

Please be aware that Identity Finder will scan your Colby allocated computer and files, and in doing so may find data that is of a personal nature to you, such as a credit card number or a social security number. Identity Finder reports a summary of findings to a central server where the Director of Information Security is able to track the following:

  • Where (what computers) Identity Finder is installed and what scans were run
  • The results of scans; the names of file(s), their path, owner name, and the ‘Identity Match’ data with preview of contextual data (if a social is found a few words before the suspected social will be provided), but no access to the documents or files themselves.

Colby ITS administers this system under the Acceptable Use Policy as well as other procedures and guidelines that ensure user privacy. The purpose of this software and tracking console is to aid in the discovery and securing of institutional data or personal information under institutional control. It is the user’s responsibility to ‘ignore’ or otherwise remediate (delete/shred or move to another location) any non-essential data.

If you require direct assistance, faculty and staff may contact the ITS Support Center at [email protected] or ext. 4222.