Sharing a Calendar with Another User

  • Open your Google calendar from a web browser




  • On the bar to the left, move your mouse over your name in the My Calendars tab—click the arrow that appears




  • Click Share this Calendar
  • Under Share with specific people, enter the e-mail address of the person you want to share the calendar with and select the permissions you want to grant them in the bar to the right




  • To allow the person you’re sharing the calendar with to sync it with their mobile device, you must give them permission to either See all event details, Make changes to events or Make changes AND manage sharing. Note: See all event details is the recommend level of permission
  • Click Add person—then Save
  • Your calendar will then be shared with the selected person


Adding a Shared Calendar to your Device

  • Make sure your Google calendar is already synchronized with your device
  • Open your calendar in a web browser. On the left, under the Other Calendars tab, enter the name of the user whose calendar you want to sync with




  • To sync the calendar you just added with a mobile device:
  • If necessary, select the device you want to sync the calendar with. If you have multiple devices tied to your account, the first device in the list is the device you most recently synced with your Google account
  • In the bottom section, a list of shared calendars will appear. The calendar you just added will be unchecked




  • Check the calendars you want to add to your device, and click Save (bottom right)
  • The calendars will then sync with your mobile device. Note: To sync a shared calendar, the person who shared the calendar must grant you permission to See all event details, or a higher permission. Visit Google Calendar Help for more details.