The Mission of Information Technology Services

The mission of the Information Technology Services (ITS) Department is to make available an appropriate information technology environment that provides to each student, faculty member, staff member, and visitor the information technology access, resources, and support that the College establishes as necessary to meet its mission. This environment must be managed in a way that assures high levels of reliability and usefulness in as cost-effective a manner as possible. While providing open access to information, the department must maintain suitable protection of personal and other confidential information.

ITS provides leadership to assist policy- and priority-making groups with the identification of planning issues and recommends possible strategies. ITS must also provide information about new opportunities that changes in technology from commercial vendors and other sources might bring to individuals and groups throughout the College, while also seeking to mitigate the adverse impact of too rapid technological change. The department must constantly be aware of changing information needs throughout the College, adapting the information environment as necessary to meet new priorities. The safety of people installing, maintaining, and using technology is a high priority and the department is committed to providing continuous improvement in service.

Revised October 1996