This list is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of any of these vendors. Students should expect, though, that there will be a labor charge for those services, even if the computer is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Students should consider an International Warranty for computers purchased outside the United States.


Name & contact information
Platform(s) supported Colby Pickup? Pickup Charge? Hourly rate? Diagnostic charge? Colby discount? Avg repair time
Evergreen Computer Services

1 Highland Ave
Waterville, ME


Windows only Yes—no Charge
Free Estimate
1 day
Unlimited Technology

264 Civic Center Drive, Suite 1
Augusta, ME


Windows & Mac No

$50 Diagnostic fee

2 days
You Broke It?

113A Main St.
Waterville, ME


Windows & Mac Tablet/ipad Smartphone

Diagnostics free

Ask about student discount

PC Horizons

Waterville, ME


Windows only Virus Removal Specialist Yes—no charge


10% Colby discount

1-2 days
R&B Electronics

142 College Ave
Waterville, ME


Windows only Yes—charge

$10 Diagnostic fee

1-2 days
Virtual Dimensions

235 Main St.
Fairfield, ME


Windows & Mac Yes—$25 $40/hr+
10% retail discount & 15% labor discount
1- 2 days
updated 05/2019