• In the Applications folder, locate and open the Mail application





  • When prompted, select which type of e-mail account you want to synchronize. To sync a Colby e-mail account, select Google


  • Enter your Colby e-mail address and password in the dialogue box that appears




  • Click the Sign in button


  • You’ll might be prompted to select which apps you’d like to sync with your Mac apps. Select the desired apps, then click Done



  • Click Continue at the Cannot Verify Server Identity for the colby.edu certificate


  • When the mail window appears, click the Get Mail button near the upper left corner


  • Your e-mail will sync with your computer—this may take a few minutes to complete. You should visit the POP E-mail Download Reset page to reset the POP e-mail and prevent messages from re-downloading into an e-mail client if you reset your password.