Fetch is a secure FTP program that allows you to transfer your files to the Colby web server, colby0. To upload files to your Colby personal directory, you must first activate it. To upload files to a Colby department directory, you must first get permission to access the directory by filling out the Web Project request form.


  • Launch Fetch from the Applications folder
  • When prompted to enter serial number, register in this page
  • Enter the Host name: colby0.colby.edu
  • Enter your network username
  • Choose SFTP from the Connect using pull-down
  • Enter your network password



  • This is a listing of your home directory on the web server
  • To upload to your personal directory double click on public_html
    • If you have permission to upload to a department directory it would be listed here
    • Double click on the department folder to upload to it


  • Click Put in the toolbar




  • Browse to the file you want to upload
  • Click the Put button



  • Transfer is complete




If you have questions or problems with these instructions, contact the ITS Support Center at support@colby.edu or ext. 4222.