The Colby College data communications network is managed and provided by Colby Information Technology Services (ITS) for all members and guests of the college community.  In order to provide reliable and secure service, it is necessary for all College students, faculty, staff and guests to adhere to certain guidelines regarding the use of wired and wireless networked devices that may interfere with or disrupt the network and the infrastructure that supports it.

Network Usage

Network access is provided for the campus community and its guests provided that they adhere to all established policies relating to the use of the network and associated technology resources as well as applicable local, state and federal laws.  Colby College ITS policies prohibit disruptive or abusive behavior on the network, which includes but is not limited to such actions as:

  • Interfering or tampering with network or computer operation on the network, such as misconfiguration and oversubscription of services or bandwidth
  • Accessing or attempting to access any networked computers or devices (other than one’s own) without appropriate permission
  • Use of a college network connection or college-issued Internet Protocol (IP) address for commercial (i.e. dedicated server) or illegal purposes (i.e. copyright infringement, fraud or other forms of electronic abuse)

If any violation of policy occurs, Colby ITS may employ network filters and possibly terminate network access as needed to protect the integrity and security of the campus network.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networks are by nature inconsistent and insecure due to the fact that network transmissions are conducted over the air, therefore requiring caution on both the part of the user and the network operator.  It is not recommended that wireless clients send sensitive data (such as passwords and accounts) or other secure information (such as credit card numbers) over an unsecure or open wireless network connection unless higher level encryption is in place (HTTPS/SSL or VPN).

Any person or computer attempting to monitor or otherwise capture the content of another user’s wireless communication is in violation of this and other Colby College policies and is subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.

Wireless Network Interference and Disruption

The use of wireless routers, access points or any other device providing 802.11 wireless connectivity within areas covered by the ‘Colby Wireless’ network is strictly prohibited.  Improperly configured routers and other networking hardware may also interfere with and disrupt service on the wired network.  In order to ensure network reliability, Colby ITS reserves the right to disconnect service or otherwise terminate any unauthorized/non-Colby router, access point or broadcast point (such as ad-hoc computer-to-computer networks).

Individuals wishing to use wireless networking may do so only if the connecting device does not interfere with other users or the Colby Wireless network.  As with routers and access points, the use of improperly configured clients may result in immediate termination of network service until the problem can be resolved.

Network interference policies do not apply to wireless accessories such as speakers, keyboards, mice and other peripherals which are not wireless networking devices.

Network Operation and Monitoring

The campus data network is operated and sustained by Colby ITS.  Firewalls, access control lists, network traffic analyzers and filters are employed as a means of ensuring network data performance, security and reliability.  Any and all configurations, logs and data related to network operation and monitoring are conducted in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy and all other relevant College policies.

Planned and unplanned outages of network service are tracked by the Colby ITS outage and change management system.