Colby provides a variety of software to its community for both the Windows and Macintosh personal computing platforms.  Standard software is installed on computers in all public labs, and selected applications are available from the Keyserver . In addition, faculty and staff can request software be ordered.

Software in Public Labs
Colby’s standard supported software is installed on all public lab  computers on campus. This includes Microsoft Office, Internet web browsers, and ssh/sftp applications.
There are also specialized applications installed in some labs. These labs include Lovejoy 400 and Lovejoy 404 (the LRC – Language Resource Center).

Labs not maintained by ITS also might have specialized software beyond the standard suite. These include Colby departmental labs, technology equipped classrooms, and the Davis Educational Foundation Electronic-Research Classroom.

Software Downloads

Colby provides a number of client software packages for use campus-wide. Download  and install instructions can be found via the links provided here:

Endnote: Endnote is a bibliographic management program, and is one of several tools for citing sources. Note: after the download, you must extract the file before clicking on the installer (otherwise you will be prompted for a product key).

For questions about using Endnote, contact Kara Kugelmeyer, Olin Science Library, x5791, [email protected]

Endnote X20:   Mac
Endnote X20:   Windows
ChemOffice Ultra 2008: Accessible via the ChemOffice Ultra 2008 site. Enter your COLBY email address. If you do not already have a ChemOffice member registration ID and password, you will need to create one (and provide lots of other time-consuming data). You will then receive an email with a link to the downloaded site and your specific serial number and registration code. While selecting the download, BE CAREFUL to  select the proper download for your operating system. When the download is complete, you will be asked for your name, institution, serial number and registration code. Note: Your name must match the name you entered while creating your account ID and password.

Keyserver/Software Library
Keyserver is a virtual software library, accessible via the campus network. High-end graphics,statistics, desktop publishing and other specialized applications which are deemed too expensive for campus wide use can be used from this library.

Keyserver can be used off campus if connected to the VPN, otherwise the compuer must be on Colby’s network to be able to access Keyserver software. The process is controlled by the Keyserver program. To use this server, you must install the client file on your system. Instructions and a list of Keyserved software can be found here:
Keyserver Software and Client Installation Instructions


Software Purchase Request
Faculty and staff can request ITS to purchase software if it is not available on campus. Please check Keyserved software and Filer for existing titles. In some cases, we may be able to use existing software to meet your needs.  Software purchased might receive limited or no ITS support.To request software, please use the On-line Software Request Form (Authentication required).