Virtual Private Network (VPN) service at Colby College is managed and provided by Colby Information Technology Services (ITS) for members of the college community and registered guests who require a remote presence on Colby’s internal IP network. In an effort to ensure the security and integrity of the service, certain requirements and guidelines must be met by the administrators and users of this service.

Intended Use

VPN access is provided for the campus community by Colby ITS provided that users  adhere to all established policies relating to the use of the Colby network and associated technology resources as well as applicable local, state and federal laws. Remote computers attaching to the VPN become an extension of the Colby data network and are therefore subject to the same network use guidelines and policies extended to any other host on the network.

Usage Policy

VPN access will require authentication by user account/password, digital certificate or both and all traffic will be encrypted using standard protocols. All authentication attempts will be logged.

It is the responsibility of each VPN user that they do not allow any other individual to use their account and/or user certificate to access the VPN.

If any violation of policy occurs, Colby ITS may take any necessary step in ensuring the security of the VPN and the greater network. This may include temporary suspension of accounts and/or network access.