What is the VPN

Colby’s virtual private network (VPN) service forms a virtual tunnel between your computer and Colby’s network. It provides two important services:

  • Access to many of Colby’s information technology resources that are typically only available from on campus when you are at home or traveling away from campus.
  • Security and privacy when transmitting sensitive information or when connected to an insecure or untrusted (open or public) wireless network.

Please Note If you are working remotely, even if at home, use the Pulse Secure VPN client to provide an extra layer of security to your computer and its network connectivity.

Many of Colby’s online services do not require a VPN – they’re accessible from anywhere. Others are only available from on campus. Use the list below to determine if the resource(s) you need require the use of a VPN to access them when you are not on campus.

Service VPN Required?
Colby web resources (Moodle, myColby, non-Colby sites) No
Colby Google Suite – Gmail, Calendar, Drive No
Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) No
File Server Yes
Print Server Yes
Software License Server (Keyserver, Stata, Sibelius, etc) Yes
Secure Shell (SSH) – Cx (CARS), Colby0


How to Use the VPN

The VPN is used either directly through a web browser (for just accessing web-based resources) or a software client that is installed on your computer, which tunnels all of your computer’s network traffic to Colby.

Web Client

Colby account holders, including all students, faculty, and staff can log in to the VPN web portal at vpn.colby.edu. Web/browser based resources and file servers can be accessed directly through the portal.

Software Client (Ivanti Secure Access)

Use the Ivanti remote client to access certain software licensing services, print servers, and other department-specific applications. Once connected, your computer’s network connection is fully tunneled to campus. Instructions to install the client can be found below:

Microsoft Windows


Pulse Secure is also available as an app for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android, and can be found in the app stores for the respective device (search for ‘Pulse Secure’). Once the app is installed, direct it to connect to ‘vpn.colby.edu’ and enter your account credentials.

If you have questions or problems with regard to using the VPN or the Pulse client, contact the ITS Support Center at [email protected] or ext. 4222.

Because the VPN service tunnels your network traffic to campus, all users are required to adhere to the VPN policy as well as all other relevant College and ITS policies.