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Job Title Level Department
Studio Classroom Assistant II ART
ZipCar Maintenance Assistant II Administrative Financial Services
Admissions Intern III Admissions - Financial Aid
Research Analysis Intern III Advancement Strategy and Analysis
Research Assistant - African Studies II African Studies
Web Assistant - African Studies II African Studies
African-Amer. Studies Prog Coor III African-American Studies
AFS - CVG Videographer Guild IV African-American Studies
Res. Asst.-African-Amer.-Bhimull II African-American Studies
Research Assistant - African-American Studies II African-American Studies
Web Assistant - African-American II African-American Studies
AMS - CVG Videographer Guild IV American Studies
Research Asst - American Studies II American Studies
Res. Asst.-America Studies-Lisle II American Studies
Projectionist - American Studies I American Studies
Research Assistant - AMS/ART II American Studies
Res. Asst - AMS II American Studies
Res. Asst. L. Arellano Amer. St II American Studies
Web Assistant - American Studies II American Studies
RA - Cinema Student - Lunder II American Studies - Cinema Studies

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