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Job Title Level Department
AY Advanced Research Asst. III Anthropology
AY Research Asst.-Besteman II Anthropology
Office Clerk - Anthropology I Anthropology
AY Research Asst. - D. Strohl II Anthropology
AY Research Asst.-M. Mills II Anthropology
AY Research Asst. - Tate II Anthropology
AY Research Asst.- B. Halvorson II Anthropology
AY - Res. Asst.- W.Tate-Funds II Anthropology
AY Assistant to the Chair II Anthropology
Exhibition Coordinator III Art
CVG Videographer Guild IV Art
Editorial Res. Assistant - Art III Art
Art - Foundations Assistant II Art
Graphic Arts Designer - Art II Art
Model IV Art
Art - Office Assistant II Art
Photography Assistant II Art
Projectionist - Art I Art
Print Studio Worker I Art
Research Assistant - Art II Art

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